Book Review: Atomic Habits

Another book that I listened to recently, also fits into the "I nearly didn't get past the first chapter" category. It was Atomic Habits by James Clear. By the end of this book though, I realised just how much I'd enjoyed it.

James makes a really interesting study into habits. Far more than anything I'd ever read before.

He makes it so clear how the compound effect of hundreds of small decisions leads to profound life changes. That was already pretty obvious to me but I loved the way he made this so practical. He calls the habits that are formed Atomic Habits.

As soon as I posted on Facebook about having enjoyed it, I was surprised by how many of my friends told me they'd loved it too.

I wasn't expecting to find a deep discussion on habits and the science behind how they form and how to change them so interesting, and I'm so glad I didn't give up near the beginning.  The endless examples are particularly engaging.

The verdict ?

Have to say I loved it. 9 of out 10.  If you need a bit of motivation after a year of covid-19, this might help.


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