Podcast: SQL Down Under Show 74 with guest Argenis Fernandez

Hi Folks, whenever a new version of SQL Server is starting to appear, I try to have a series of podcasts that discuss what's happening with it. Now, SQL Server 2019 isn't that far off so I thought it's time to start discussing the features in it, in depth.

First up, it's Argenis Fernandez (@DBArgenis) from the SQL Server team. Argenis provides an awesome discussion on the use of non-volatile memory systems and how he sees them as a game changer.

You'll find the show (and previous shows) here: https://sqldownunder.com/pages/sql-down-under-podcast

And if you've subscribed to the SQL Down Under podcast in iTunes or your favorite podcast app, it should now already be winging its way to you.

Enjoy !

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