SQL Server 2008 R2: Reporting Services – Pagination

Another item I had on the Connect site was about pagination. I wanted to be able to restart page numbering within a report. In my case, this was because I wanted to output a set of invoices in a single report but I wanted each invoice to have its own set of page numbers.

This was another item on Connect that came back saying "Done!"

And again, the team went further.

You can disable pagination if it doesn't make sense for your rendering target. You can restart page numbers at the group level based on an expression. You can also set the page name that will be used as a tab name (worksheet name) in Excel rendering.

These sorts of items might seem small additions to the product but they make life so much simpler for those of us designing reports.

Again, thank you Reporting Services team!

One thought on “SQL Server 2008 R2: Reporting Services – Pagination”

  1. Greg,
    That is great news (both features renderformat and pagination).
    I am a big fan of the features that make our life simpler, like in this case.
    Thanks Reporting Services team.

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