SDU Podcast #82 with guest Kamil Nowinski now released

I recorded another podcast with an old friend recently. I met Kamil Nowinski in Poland when I was invited to speak at SQL Day. That event is on again this year, but as a virtual event only.

In our consulting work, we use Azure Data Factory frequently. Deploying it, can be a real challenge. Microsoft has a supplied method with ARM templates but that has issues. Kamil produced free tooling that's in the Azure Marketplace and makes it much easier to work with.

In this podcast, Kamil describes the overall process, and how the challenges arise with the Microsoft-supplied mechanism, and the way his tooling makes it easier.

If you want to understand more about Azure Data Factory (ADF) and how it interacts with source control, and deployment, this is a great show to listen to.

You'll find the podcast with Kamil (and all our other podcasts) here:

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