Book Review: Stories I'd Tell in Bars – Jen Lancaster

I mentioned recently that I haven't been doing as much driving in my car lately, so that's limited the time I've had for listening to audio books. But another one that I did complete on Audible recently was Stories I'd Tell in Bars by Jen Lancaster.

I've seen comments about the printed version of this book, that say it's riddled with typos and grammar/spelling errors but fortunately that wasn't an issue for me as I listened to the audiobook. The narration of that was fine.

Jen comes across as a somewhat neurotic identity that I found more relatable in the earlier parts of the book. She's entertaining in her story-telling style. People who've read Jen's earlier work say she's toned down a lot since she published others like "Bitter is the new Black".

Going through the book feels like just listening in on a series of pages from a diary. I can't say I loved the section on poolyball (yes that's a thing for them).  I really did enjoy though, the section o the Citizen's Police Academy.

While I did listen to it intently to the end, and enjoyed quite a lot of it, I still ended up with a bit of a nothingness feeling about it at the end.

Bottom line?

I'd class this one as just an interesting diversion for about 9 hours.

Greg's rating: 6 out of 10

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