SDU Tools: Version 18 shipped and adds support for Azure SQL Database

I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that we recently shipped version 18 of our free SDU Tools for developers and DBAs.

We've had so many requests for a version of SDU Tools that will work with Azure SQL Database. So, in version 18.0, we added that support.

So what's changed?

We've added two new scripts included in the download: one for adding the tools to Azure SQL DB and one for removing them.

The tools are very similar with a few exceptions.

  • Some tools (mostly ones that are server-related) don't make sense on Azure SQL DB and are removed from that version.
  • A number of tools could work across multiple databases. In that case, we've created new versions of those same tools but put the suffix "InCurrentDatabase" on the end of the name of the tool.

We hope you really find these useful and, as usual, welcome any feedback.

And if you haven't been using SDU Tools, you really should be. Even if you don't use them directly, they provide wonderful examples of how to write T-SQL functions and procedures.

Access to SDU Tools is one of the benefits of being an SDU Insider, along with access to our other free tools and eBooks. Please just visit here for more info:


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