Book Review: How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie

Using Audible to listen to books has allowed me recently to get through a lot of books that I would never have had time to get through. I'm determined to get through some classics as well. Self-improvement books don't come more classic than Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People so I listened to that too.

I know several people who say that, in the 1990's, attending one of the seminars associated with this book, changed their lives. I can understand how that's possible in some situations.

This is a fairly long book. The biggest hassle I see with the book is just that it's dated. Many of the analogies are more suited to a world where dad went to work, mum stayed home, looked after the children, the house, and cooked.

But the key points are really well made, as long as you're willing to see what he's getting at, and ignore (or mentally update) any of the dated analogies.

I can see why this book is famous although I suspect it's time has now pretty much passed. It's enjoyable though, even though he belabors some of the points.

Greg's rating: 6 out of 10



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