Shortcut: Making sense of the colors in the SSMS scroll bar

In an earlier post, I described how I didn't particularly like all the colors that are shown in the scroll bar now in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS):

In that post, I described how to turn them all off, or at least how to kill off some of them. But, of course they are there for a reason. Instead of turning them all off, you might decide to make sense of what they are there for.

The colors that are displayed are indicating the following:

Red – this is showing where syntax errors appear in your code

Blue – this shows where the cursor currently is. That's helpful when you have scrolled but haven't moved the cursor. However, given this is the most useful one for me, I have to say that when all the other colors are present, it's the one that I find hard to locate.

Yellow – this is indicating changes that you have made but have not yet saved.

Green – this is showing saved changes.

Maroon – this shows the location of "marks" – for us this means breakpoints

Black – this shows bookmarks "Marks" are shown in maroon (Breakpoints) and black (Bookmarks).

And remember that you can change which ones are displayed by right-clicking the scroll bar and changing its settings.

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