A system view to return a list of reserved words?

There was a discussion on our internal mailing list today about how to get a list of reserved words for SQL Server. It strikes me that there should be a system view that returns this. It could also return details of the version of the product where the word was added and an indication of if the use of the word is deprecated.

If you agree, you know the drill. Vote once, vote often 🙂


2 thoughts on “A system view to return a list of reserved words?”

  1. Aside from product version and deprecation, isn't this met by Books Online already?
    Personally speaking, I'm not worried about when a keyword was made reserved (it's enough to know that it _is_ reserved) and whether or not it is deprecated is of not much use to me either (although possibly handy for development when choosing to name something).

  2. Hi Scott,
    Not in a programmatic form. For example, if I want to build a trigger that makes decisions about names, etc. I want a programmatic version of this. The interest in knowing which version something was introduced in was more for those that need to build code to support multiple versions. Similar logic for deprecation.
    What would probably also be interesting is to have some sort of grouping for the keywords that could be used for color coding in utilities, etc.

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