Version 19 of our free DBA and Developer tools has now shipped

I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that we recently shipped version 19 of our free SDU Tools for developers and DBAs to our SDU Insiders.

We're pretty happy with this new version and it includes Azure SQL Database support as well as SQL Server.

So what's changed?

Version 19 includes the following enhancements:

DatesBetweenNoWeekends – A new version of our DatesBetween function that excludes weekends
InitialsFromName – Extracts someone's initials from their name (with/without a separator)
DateDimensionPeriodColumns – We're really proud of this one. It completely enriches your date dimensions with period logic. I'd encourage you to watch the video for this one.
StartOfYearEndOfYearStartOfWeekEndOfWeekStartOfWorkingWeekEndOfWorkingWeek – more date calculations that do what their names suggest
CurrentSessionDecimalSeparator – works out what the decimal separator is in your session
CurrentSessionThousandsSeparator – does the name for the thousands separator
StripDiacritics – Strips diacritics (accents, graves, unlauts, etc.) from a string
DateTime2ToUnixTimeUnixTimeToDateTime2 – New functions for conversion to/from Unix times
TimezoneOffsetToHours – Converts a timezone offset to a decimal number of hours

And there's one update:

TableOfNumbers – Is now much faster, and no longer requires the MAXRECURSION option when a large list of values is returned

We hope you really find these useful and, as usual, welcome any feedback.

Access to SDU Tools is one of the benefits of being an SDU Insider, along with access to our other free tools and eBooks. Please just visit here for more info:


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