FIX: Headset volume too low on Windows 10 (LX-3000)

After some recent upgrade to Windows 10, I've found that the headphone volume is way too low for me. I'm using Microsoft LX-3000 headsets, and have always really liked them.

So I was really puzzled what makes the volume so low.

The thing that's made the biggest difference for me is to enable loudness equalization in the properties of the device. For those that aren't sure how to do that, here's a quick set of screen shots:

First we open sounds from the task bar by right-clicking the speaker icon:

Then we go to the properties of the LX-3000:

Finally, on the enhancements tab, enable the loudness equalization and OK.

For me, this made a huge difference to the usability of the headphones. Hope it helps someone else too.

5 thoughts on “FIX: Headset volume too low on Windows 10 (LX-3000)”

  1. Helped me too, still no where near the volume I want. On all other devices I get at least twice the volume if needed 🙁 could there be another issue stopping my headset from getting volume ? I have tried 3rd party app still no change.

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