SDU Tools v23 is now available for download

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Just a heads-up that v23 of SDU Tools went out to SDU Insiders yesterday.

You can find details about SDU Tools here:

In v23, we've added or enhanced the following:

  • ExcelSerialToDateTime – there's so much corporate data stored in Excel, and if you need to import it to SQL Server, you quickly find that dates and times are a challenge. I have a friend who says that the only data types in Excel are numbers and strings, and that everything else is an illusion. I think that's pretty accurate. This function takes one of the funky Excel decimal numbers (called a Serial) that represents a date and time, and converts it to a SQL Server datetime value.
  • DateTimeToExcelSerial – no prizes for guessing what this one does. It's the opposite of the above.
  • We've done a lot of updates to internal data within the tools, like all up to date SQL Server build numbers, etc.
  • DateDimensionColumns now has StartOfWeek and EndOfWeek
  • DateDimensionPeriodColumns now has IsSameWeek, DayOffset, MonthOffset, and WeekOffset

You can see a short video on the new Excel conversion functions here:

I hope you find the updates useful.

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