SQL Down Under Podcast 79 with Guest Mark Brown

Hi Folks,

Just a heads-up that we've just released SQL Down Under podcast show 79 with Microsoft Principal Program Manager Mark Brown.

Mark is an old friend and has been around Microsoft a long time. He is a Principal Program Manager on the Cosmos DB team. Mark is feature PM for the replication and consistency features. That includes  its multi-master capabilities, and its management capabilities. He leads a team focused on customers and community relations.

In the show, Mark provides a background on Cosmos DB for those less familiar with it, and discusses the latest licensing changes, including the new free tier. Along the way, he gets into detail on the multi-mode nature of Cosmos DB, and its consistency, availability, and indexing stories.

You'll find the show and podcast subscription details if you want those,  here: http://podcast.sqldownunder.com


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