SDU Tools: Calculate Time Period Dimension Columns in SQL Server T-SQL

In my last SDU Tools post, I described a tool for calculating date dimension columns. While dates are often enough, in many data warehouses, you also need to allocate time periods across each day as well. To make that very easy, in our free SDU Tools for developers and DBAs, we added a tool called TimePeriodDimensionColumns.

This tool is a table-valued function that takes a time (actual time of the day), and the length of each time period, in minutes. In the example in the main image above, I've asked for 8:34PM and I've said that each period is 15 minutes long.

You can also see the list of returned columns in the main image above.

To make it easy to create a time period dimension for an entire day, we also added a tool called GetTimePeriodDimension.

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You can see TimePeriodDimensionColumns in action in the main image above, and see both tools in the videos here:

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