SDU Tools: All the Versions of SQL Server using SQLServerProductVersions

I can't tell you over the years how many times I've gone searching for details of a SQL Server build and/or related knowlegebase article. There are some sites that provide much of this, but I'd like to have it in a programmatic form. I can easily then use it in utilities and in my SQL scripts.

In our free SDU Tools for developers and DBAs, we added a view and a number of functions to help with this. The primary one is a view called SQLServerProductVersions.

We constantly keep this up to date as each CU (cumulative update) is released, and we've started adding in all the related knowledgebase articles for each build.

It's shipped as a view that returns the following columns: SQL Server Version, Base Level, Patch Level, Major Version Number, Minor Version Number, Build Number, Release Date, Core KB Article Name, Core KB Article URL, Additional KB Articles.

You can see the view in the image above and also see the view and a number of related functions, in this video:

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