New Online Course: SQL Server Service Broker for Developers and DBAs

I'd love to be running Service Broker classes more often. Service Broker is one of the most powerful, yet least understood technologies in SQL Server. Many of our enterprise clients are using it and loving it.

What we tend to find though, is that we get requests from a number of interested people, spread over time, and locations. But not enough to run in-person classes in those locations.

So we decided to fix that, for this course and for a number of our other courses that have similar demand (i.e. Spatial, Replication, and more).

Our brand new SQL Server Service Broker for Developers and DBAs course is now out the door.

Now you can learn about it whenever you want.

If you've been wondering if you should look into Service Broker or aren't even sure what it is, now's a great time to find out. Coupon SBROKERINTRO will get you 25% off the brand new course until the end of the month.

And like all our courses, we have video instruction, hands-on-labs with downloadable resources, quizzes to check your learning, and a certificate at on completion.

You'll find it, and our other courses here:




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