Need to learn to write T-SQL queries for SQL Server? Or need to become more confident?

Do you (or someone you know) need to learn to write T-SQL properly? Or perhaps you need to be more confident with joins, aggregations, CTEs, and more?

Our latest online on-demand course Writing Queries for SQL Server is now available, and at introductory pricing of just $95 USD.

It has detailed and comprehensive intro level coverage of the T-SQL language, and follows professional coding standards throughout. It's also not just a set of videos; it includes extensive hands-on labs and quizzes to make sure the learning is great.

The T-SQL that the course covers is also up to date. It includes content up to SQL Server 2017, but is just as useful for users of earlier versions of SQL Server.

The course would suit developers, reporting analysts, business analysts, new DBAs, and more.

This is one of a set of new courses that we're making available. Our free 4 Steps to Faster SQL Server applications is already available, and so is our SQL Server Indexing for Developers. You'll find them all here:

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