SDU Tools: Analyze SQL Server Table Columns

I spend a lot of time reviewing other people's databases. Apart from looking at table designs, data types, keys, etc. I'm often interested in what the typical data in the table looks like.

In our free SDU Tools for developers and DBAs, we have added a special tool called AnalyzeTableColumns that makes this type of review easy. You point it at database, schema, and table, and it tells you about the table.

In the main image, you can see what it outputs for the Warehouse.StockItems table in the WideWorldImporters database. That image is truncated at the right hand side. Here are the other columns:

Now that data is somewhat like what you get from sp_help. But I often want more. I want to see what the typical data in the table looks like. So optionally, it'll show you what they look like too.


You can also see it in action here:

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