SQL Down Under show 85 with guest Bob Duffy discussing building data warehouses is now published

Bob Duffy image

And another new SQL Down Under show is published!

Once again, I had the great pleasure yesterday to record a podcast with one of my UK based friends Bob Duffy.

Bob is a Principal Data Architect at Prodata's SQL Centre of Excellence in Dublin, Ireland. He helps enterprise customers build large scale enterprise data warehouses in Azure, typically integrating ERP and financial systems.

Bob is a long-term Data Platform MVP, a Microsoft Certified Architect, Master, and Analysis Services Maestro. He holds a number of Azure role-based certifications. Bob also specialises in performance tuning, architecture, load testing, DevOps, Software engineering, MQ architecture, semantic modelling and meta data driven design on the MS platform.

Bob used to work for Microsoft Consulting Services a Senior Consultant and subject matter expert for BI/data in Western Europe in 2005.

In the show, we discuss the approaches he takes to building data warehouses on the Microsoft BI platforms.

I hope you enjoy it. You'll find this show (and previous shows) here: https://podcast.sqldownunder.com/

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