Contributing to Microsoft Learn Community Content

Yes you can

Microsoft Learn has a community content pilot running right now. They are looking to see how content from community members might provide different value to the content provided by their team members.

So, I decided that I should submit an article to see how it goes, and to find out how it works.

At present, it's all hosted in a GitHub repository, and no surprise, is all written in Markdown.

To contribute, you fork the respository, choose a template, and create your content from the template, following the rules contained in the template. You also need to add your content to the Table of Contents. Finally, you raise a pull request and a build agent checks that your content follows the rules. If the team are then happy, you get author access and can merge your content in. Eventually, your new article should appear at Microsoft Learn.

Here's the first article that I contributed:

As another example, here's another one from fellow MVP Luke Murray:

I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether this style of content is useful, and if so, how it should be structured.

If you are interested in contributing, here's a link to get you started:

You can also find more information in the Microsoft Learn Contributor Guide. It covers style, voice, etc.



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