SDU Tools: Strip diacritics from strings in SQL Server T-SQL

I try to allow strings in my applications to use all the richness of the available character sets. If someone has an accent in their name, I really want to repeat it back that way. But I've been asked many times if there's a simple way to strip out all the accents, graves, etc. in T-SQL. These are called diacritics, and we've created a function to help you remove them if you decide you really must. (But as I said, really consider keeping them).

The StripDiacritics function in our free SDU Tools for developers and DBAs, does this. It provides the separator that's currently in use.

It takes a single parameter: the input string.

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You can see it in action in the main image above, and in the video here. The full current version of the code is also shown below:

You can use our tools as a set or as a great example of how to write functions like these.

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Latest version of the code

Note: the current code is backwards compatible to SQL Server 2008 and later. Once our minimum code level is much higher, we'll replace this code with a version using the T-SQL TRANSLATE function.

Note: the code might wrap when displayed below.

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