SDU Tools: Version 20 is out the door and ready for download

I'm pleased to let you know that version 20 of our free SDU Tools for developers and DBAs is now released. It's all SQL Server and T-SQL goodness.

If you haven't been using SDU Tools yet, I'd suggest downloading them and taking a look. At the very least, it can help when you're trying to work out how to code something in T-SQL. You'll find them here:

Along with the normal updates to SQL Server versions and builds, we've added the following new functions:

WeekdayOfSameWeek – this one was requested by Dave Dustin and returns a nominated day of the week for a given date. For example, it will let you find the Thursday of the week that 23 Oct 2020 falls in.

NearestWeekday – this one was requested by Martin Catherall and returns a nominated day that's closest to a given date. For example, it will let you find the closest Thursday to 29 Oct 2020. (rather than one in the same week as above)

CobolCase – we've had so many case options, I'm surprised we'd not had this one yet. It returns upper case words with dashes in-between i.e. COBOL-CASE-IS-COOL

DateOfOrthodoxEaster – we previously had a function to let you find the date of the next Easter but that was the Christian Easter. Now we've adapted a sample sent to use by Antonios Chatzipavlis to calculate the date of the Orthodox Easter for a given year.

IsLockPagesInMemoryEnabled – this one does just what it says. It determines whether or not lock pages in memory is enabled.

There are a few enhancements as well:

We've done the usual updates for SQL Server builds and versions (up to date as at the point of release).

DateDimensionPeriodColumns now has a wealth of new columns including  IsStartOfMonth, IsEndOfMonth,
IsStartOfCalendarYear, IsEndOfCalendarYear, IsStartOfFiscalYear,
IsEndOfFiscalYear and IsStartOf and IsEndOf for all Quarters both Calendar and Fiscal

DateDimensionColumns now has quarters and start and end of month.

We hope you find these useful.

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