Power BI (Bug): Power BI Desktop auto-hides visible tables with all columns hidden

I have a client who's publishing their tabular data models to Azure Analysis Services (AAS). They want to publish a table that's visible, but only has a single column that's hidden.

You might wonder why he wanted to do that.

He's trying to have a table with no existing columns that's an anchor point for report designers to attach their report-specific measures.  There are measures and computed columns in the tabular data model in AAS. But he wants to have a known location for measures that are only related to the specific report.

All other BI tools that I've tried, show the table . As an example, here's the table appearing in a browse window in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS):

But Power BI Desktop automatically hides a table that has no visible columns.


You can see the table if you use the "View Hidden" option in the fields list, but you shouldn't need to do that for a table that's supposed to be visible.


I saw discussion that says it relates to a backwards compatibility issue with Excel, but to me it just seems like a bug.

You can add your opinion on this here: https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Desktop/Power-BI-auto-hides-visible-tables-with-all-columns-hidden-bug/m-p/994358#M472966

(And I'd encourage you to do so)

2 thoughts on “Power BI (Bug): Power BI Desktop auto-hides visible tables with all columns hidden”

  1. Adding a measure to the hidden table will show the table though. If the client was to create a message for something like ReportUser then this would work.

    1. Hi Mark, yes it does, but breaks the core concept of having report-specific measures on that table, and not ones coming from the underlying data model.

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