SDU Tools: Version 17 shipped recently to SDU Insiders

Version 17 of our SDU Tools shipped out to all our SDU Insiders a few days ago.

It contains the following updates:

DatesInPeriod – Produces a table of dates from a starting date, for a number of intervals. For example, 3 weeks of dates from a starting date.

ServerMaximumDBCompatibilityLevel – Returns the maximum database compatibility level supported by the server.

SetDatabaseCompabilityForAllDatabasesToMaximum​ – Sets the database compatibility level of all databases to the maximum value supported by the server.

WeekdayOfMonth – Calculates a specific weekday of a month. For example, the 4th weekday of February 2020.

DayNumberOfMonth – Calculates a specific day within a month. For example, the 3rd Tuesday of March 2020.

Countries – A brand new view that provides details of countries, along with their ISO codes, and numbers, and the continent that they're part of.

Currencies – A new view that provides details of the currencies in use around the world, their ISO codes, their currency symbols, and details of any minor units (like Cents are to Dollars in AUD or USD). If there are minor units, it tells you how many per major unit.

CurrenciesByCountry – A new view that provides a list of which countries use which currencies. (Some use more than one).

I hope you find them useful.

If you don't get our notifications and you'd like a copy of the tools (free to our insiders), you'll find more info here:

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