Opinion: Please let me have a clean desktop

I might be a bit anal about this but I really dislike clutter all over my computer's screen desktop. You'll notice above that I keep it empty. If there's something on my desktop, it's something that I'm working on really briefly. If I need to do a presentation, I might have a single folder called Desktop that I'll sweep anything on the actual desktop into.

There are two things that drive me crazy in terms of desktop clutter though:

The first is applications that insist on putting icons or shortcuts on your desktop during installation. Hello, it's not 1981 any more.

And worse, if you delete the shortcuts,those applications often put them back every time they are auto-upgraded.

Application writers: Please don't do this.

The other issue is around IT departments. I spend a lot of time working at client sites. And on many of the corporate desktops that I'm supplied to work with, the IT department have both plastered shortcuts all over the desktop, and worse, made it so that I'm not able to delete them.

IT departments: Please don't do this.

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