Book Review: Blood Rush by Bob Simms

I've got a number of friends who've been writing books over the last few years. Sadly, there seems to be no relationship between when I buy a book and when I actually read it.

And that's the case with Blood Rush by Bob Simms.

Bob is an old SQL Server trainer friend/colleague and I bought this book back when Bob first mentioned that he'd written it. I only got to actually read it last week.

I've always loved Bob's sense of humor (it's not common), and it shows through in this book.

The story starts out with a body in Brixton. All the blood is gone, and there are puncture wounds to its neck.

The tale weaves it way through potential vampire killings, criminal gangs, and even a ten year old girl.

Blood Rush is the third in a series of books by Bob, and I suspect that I'll try to go back and read the earlier ones now.

Curiously there is one older character that I'm left wondering about. Is he meant to be a bit autobiographical.

Bottom line?

I enjoyed this book. It doesn't take too long to read, and it's quite a journey. I'll be keen to see how Bob continues to evolve as a writer. (In recent years, he's somewhat retired from the UK to Europe). I hope he keeps writing though.

Greg's rating: 7 out of 10

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