Another new online course: Protecting SQL Server Data with Encryption

We all see news articles talking about how company after company exposed private details of their clients, customers, and sometimes, even staff. In so many cases, a reasonable approach to encryption would have avoided these issues. Time and again though, I see people doing dodgy work on protecting their data; some even trying to roll their own protection.

Don't do this!

Encryption is one of the most important yet least understood technologies in SQL Server. It's improved so much over the years and 2019 makes it even better.

If you are a DBA or a database developer and you don't know your way around the encryption options in SQL Server, it's time to learn.

We've now made it easy. Take our new online and on-demand course: Protecting SQL Server Data with Encryption.

In no time, you'll be discussing and implementing encryption like a pro. You'll get a refresher on encryption terminology and concepts, then drill in keys, certificates, cell-level encryption, Transparent Database Encryption (TDE), extensible key management (EKM), and Always Encrypted (in 2016) and with secure enclaves (in SQL Server 2019).

And if you get into it by May 17th, you'll be able to use coupon code ENCRYPTNOW to get another 25% off the brand new course.

And like all our courses, we have video instruction, hands-on-labs with downloadable resources, quizzes to check your learning, and a certificate at on completion.

You'll find it, and our other courses here:




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