SQLBits – A World of Free SQL Server and Data Information Online

There are many SQL Server events around the world each year, and many are just awesome events. One that has grown non-stop and is currently my pick of these events is SQLBits.

Our UK buddies behind this (currently Simon Sabin, Darren Green, Annette Allen, Jonathan Allen, and Alex Whittles) have created an event that all others should be looking to.

I love the way they combine technical content with fun.

And, showing a true community flair, one day of the conference is free to attend as well.

But the #1 best thing they do all the time, is to make this content available to you online for free. I can't emphasize how wonderful that is. Other conferences, if they have the content available at all, charge you to access it.

Here's the latest session content.

If you're able to get to the UK, attending is a no-brainer. I'm hoping to be in the UK again soon, and will try to line it up with a SQLBits event if I can.

Here's some info on why to attend:



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    1. And of course you do Kamil ! I'll add another post about that when your next lot are posted. That's about late May ??

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