Opinion: A little plea to developers – no more desktop shortcuts by default

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A quick piece today to talk about something that still seems to drive me crazy.

Why oh why do so many applications still default to putting a shortcut on the desktop when you're installing them? And this applies to even very current applications.

I installed Chrome on some machines yesterday, and again, no question during install, but desktop shortcuts created.

Haven't we moved on past this?

Nowadays, there really isn't a need to plaster shortcuts all over the desktop for all the applications on the machine. And it's counterproductive anyway.

And hint: The desktop also isn't a great place to store files but I understand part of the logic for this. I often drop temporary files right on the desktop, but just so they annoy me until I remove them. That wouldn't work though if my desktop was just plastered with files.

2 thoughts on “Opinion: A little plea to developers – no more desktop shortcuts by default”

  1. I create a single folder on my desktop called Apps and move all shortcuts into this folder.
    Then I create a bottom Toolbar linked to the desktop Apps folder so all the app are instantly available via the bottom toolbar without having to minimize anything. Can also create sub-folders which become sub-menus.

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