Happy new year from SQL Down Under and from me

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Hi Folks,

Just a short note today to wish everyone a happy new year. I know that new year is a time when many people make resolutions, with the intention of changing something about themselves during the upcoming year. It makes it a time full of hope for fresh starts.

I don't tend to make too many resolutions as I think that needs to happen on an ongoing basis rather than once per year, but I understand why people do.

From a company point of view, these are things you are likely to see from us this year:

  • Many new online and on-demand courses. (I know that many of our customers like in-person courses better but this is the low-cost and fast way to learn some topics, compared to waiting for us to run them in-person. And we've put a lot of effort into making sure the experience is as close to the in-person experience as it can be, with hands-on labs, quizzes, etc.) You'll find them at http://training.sqldownunder.com
  • New podcasts. I try to create a number of podcasts when a new version of SQL Server is about to appear. That gives me a chance to discuss the concepts behind the product features with the people who know about them, right while they're still finalizing them. You'll find the first SQL Server 2019 podcast with Argenis Fernandez here: https://sqldownunder.com/pages/sql-down-under-podcast
  • More in-person classes. Most will be in Melbourne, but it depends upon demand. Query Performance Tuning and Advanced T-SQL is one of our all-time favorites. It's running in Melbourne early next month. Early bird pricing is available now. Would love to see you there. If you can't make the full 5 days, you can do 2 days of Query Performance Tuning or 3 days of Advanced T-SQL separately. You'll find more here: https://sqldownunder.com/pages/sql-server-query-performance-tuning-and-advanced-t-sql-5-days, here: https://sqldownunder.com/pages/queryperformancetuning, and here: https://sqldownunder.com/pages/sql-server-advanced-t-sql-3-days
  • New eBooks. I have a couple of these planned. We'll see how many get out the door this year but if you don't have the current SSMS Tips and Tricks one, you'll find it here: http://ssmsbook.sqldownunder.com
  • Many more of our free developer and DBA tools: SDU Tools. Even if you aren't wanting a full set of tools, these are great examples of how to do things in SQL Server using T-SQL. If you don't have them yet, look here: http://sdutools.sqldownunder.com Version 13 is out now, and we've already got some great additions coming in Version 14.

Regardless, I hope you are all safe and well, and have an awesome new year!


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