SDU Tools: List Indexes in a SQL Server Database

When I'm working with a SQL Server database, I often need a simple list of all the indexes that are already in place. I want it in a concise form. In our free SDU Tools for developers and DBAs,  we added a procedure ListIndexes to do just that, and to provide their details in a form that's easy to consume programmatically if you need that.

You can see how to execute it in the main image above. The procedure takes these parameters:

@DatabaseName sysname – This is the database to process
@SchemasToList nvarchar(max) – a comma-delimited list of schemas to include (ie: 'Sales,Purchasing') or the word 'ALL'
@TablesToList nvarchar(max)- a comma-delimited list of tables to include (ie: 'Customers,Orders') or the word 'ALL'

One row is returned for each index.

The columns returned are SchemaName, TableName, IndexName, KeyColumnList, and IncludedColumnList as shown below:

You can see it in action here:

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