SQL Server Indexing for Developers – new online on-demand training course

Do you need to understand SQL Server indexing in detail? Do you know someone else who needs to? Either way, our new SQL Server Indexing for Developers course could be just what you're looking for.

It's detailed. It has a full set of practical exercises (hands-on labs) with downloadable test data and scripts.

The best part is it's on sale until October 31st for $195 USD as an introductory special.

What Greg will teach you:

  • How SQL Server indexes really work
  • How to design effective SQL Server indexes
  • Why SQL Server seems to be ignoring the indexes that you designed
  • How data type choices affect indexes
  • If filtered indexes would work better in your application
  • How to check whether or not SQL Server "likes" your index
  • How to avoid having too many indexes (and how many is too many)
  • Which indexes you can safely remove

You'll find more info here:



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