New online on-demand SQL Server courses from SQL Down Under

Hi Folks,

We have a whole series of online and on-demand courses coming. The first two of these are available right now.

The good news? The first one is free and the second one has a big introductory discount.

The first course 4 Steps to Faster SQL Server Applications is a short course for developers, new DBAs, and testers, etc. who don't know anything much about tuning SQL Server applications. It focuses on finding and fixing the most problematic queries, either in terms of index tuning, or removing repetitive queries, all using free tools.

Please pass details of this course onto any developers, new DBAs, or testers that you know who might benefit from it.

The second course is an in-depth look at core SQL Server indexing concepts called Designing Effective Indexes for SQL Server. It's $295 USD (plus VAT if applicable) but coupon code INDEXINTRO will knock 30% off that until September 30th.

And more courses coming online very soon. You'll find them all at:


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