Free eBook: SQL Server Management Studio Tips and Tricks

I'm so pleased to now have this book out. You'll find it here:

I've worked with SQL ServerĀ for decades and have compiled this list of tips and tricks over that time. This eBook is a compilation of a series of blog posts that I have either made or are scheduled to be made as part of my Thursday "Shortcut" series, for shortcuts that apply to SSMS.

There are a lot of tips and tricks. It's now not far from 200 pages.

While I'd love to remember who first showed me each and every one of these, the original source of any particular tip or trick is now too difficult to determine, and often may have come from multiple sources. Though, I need to thank the Data Platform MVP community for endless inspiration, and for no doubt being the ones who showed me many of these items over the years. For that reason, I consider myself the editor more than the author.

We intend to keep enhancing and upgrading this book. If you have feedback for it, please send that to

I really hope you enjoy it.

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