Fix: Reporting Services Configuration Manager can't find Power BI Report Server

I just spent ages trying to work out why I couldn't connect to Power BI Report Server using the Reporting Services Configuration Manager.

Amazingly, I hadn't had to reconfigure it since I installed it, but now I needed to change the email account.

And it just wouldn't see that it existed. If I put MACHINENAME only, it told me it couldn't find the server, and if I put MACHINENAME\PBIRS, it said it was an invalid namespace.

For some reason, what I hadn't noticed before is that there are now two:

  • Reporting Services Configuration Manager
  • Report Server Configuration Manager

as you can see from the screenshot above that I got by searching for just "configuration".

Using the second option worked just fine.

So, hope that helps someone else find it, and at least next time I've forgotten the issue, I might find my own blog post…

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