SDU Tools: Show SQL Server Backup Completion Estimates

When you first start working with SQL Server, you're often working with smaller databases and every backup seems to happen quickly. SQL Server is fast at creating backups.

When you get to larger databases, backups start to take a while. Fortunately, backup is one of the commands that sets a percentage complete value that can be seen in the sys.dm_exec_requests system view.

And when the databases get even larger, the question quickly becomes:

When will my backup finish?

The good news is that we've built a tool to make that easy to work out.

One of the SDU Tools is ShowBackupCompletionEstimates. It shows you any currently executing backups, how complete they are, when they started, how long they've taken so far (in seconds), and when we estimate that it will complete. Because it can cope with more than one backup running at a time, we also added the last SQL statement that was executed in the session, to make it easier to work out which is which.

Here's an example of its output (wrapped for clarity):

You can see it action here:

For more information on our free SDU Tools, please visit this site:


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