PascalCase and camelCase strings in T-SQL

Yesterday, I discussed changing the case of T-SQL strings to ProperCase, TitleCase, SnakeCase, and KebabCase.

But there are other case options that can be needed. For example, often when I'm programmatically generating code, I want to create identifiers for objects. While many people will use SnakeCase for that, in Microsoft-related land (particularly around .NET), it's common to use both PascalCased and camelCased strings.

In the April2017 update to SDU_Tools, we added functions to do all of the above. SDU Tools is a free library for SQL Server developers and DBAs. You can easily just add it to your database, then call the functions as needed. The functions get added in a separate schema and are easy to remove later if you ever wish to. (We hope you won't want to). They're also easy to upgrade.

Let's look at the output from the function:


With PascalCase, whitespace is removed, and all words are capitalized.

In .NET and some other languages, camelCase is also common. This is the same as PascalCase but the first word isn't capitalized. It's often used for local variables within methods, etc.




You can find out more about our free SDU Tools here:

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    Appears these are very useful SQL utilities, but cant reach the sdu-tools page, seeing 404 error. Can you please fix the broken link?

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