Improvements in the Red Gate source code control suite

One aspect of SQL Server related development that I see done quite badly when visiting client sites is source code control. So many sites have almost nothing in place for this important aspect of development. By comparison, it's rare now that I visit an application development organisation that doesn't have at least reasonable source code control in place. Many DBAs seem to have grown up in environments where source code control systems weren't in use.

I've been pleased to see the Red Gate folk continuing to work in this direction and to expand their toolsets. A while back, they released Source Control for SQL Server: but I was also interested to note their upcoming release of Source Control for Oracle: While I focus predominantly on SQL Server, many sites I work with use more than one type of database engine, and the other engine is often Oracle. So it's useful to be able to use a single system for both.

These tools support TFS (which I tend to use mostly now) and SVN which I often see at client sites, usually in conjunction with a Tortoise front end.

If you aren't using source code control in your own site, you should start looking at these types of tools.

2 thoughts on “Improvements in the Red Gate source code control suite”

  1. One of the few website that is very helpful in providing details . You really know your work and how to present it.Thanks

  2. I couldn't agree more.  Source code for databases is a very sticky & tricky issue.  It (was) only a manual process until I got SQL Source Control. Now it's a point/click/done task.  LOVE IT!

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