Kent Tegels RIP


I got the super sad news from Adam Machanic tonight that Kent Tegels had passed away. At the time I recorded my last podcast with Kent, he seemed to be getting better.

I cannot begin to express how sad I am about this tonight. The SQL and XML communities are weakened by this loss.

Farewell Kent and thanks for all the fish.



7 thoughts on “Kent Tegels RIP”

  1. Shocking and sad news. I met Kent many times over the last ten years. It sad to learn that he left us

  2. What happened? I was a friend of Kent's since around 2003 I had lost touch with him a few years back and had no idea he was ill.

  3. Kent had been unwell for a while. Last year, we thought he was getting better. Sadly, things got worse again.

  4. I was sadly to hear about this today.  I worked with Kent.  He was a great guy and always made me laugh.  But, most of all he was a mentor.  You will be sadly missed.

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