Reports on Reporting Services

In a recent SQL Down Under show with Jessica Moss, we discussed the need for reports on reporting services itself.

Tim Schmidt from Data Aspects pointed out the following set of reports:

He noted that they are installed as part of the SQL Server samples at:

<drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\<version>\Samples\Reporting Services\Report Samples\Server Management Sample Reports

and available from CodePlex. Also, that they aren't pretty 🙂

Thanks for the feedback Tim!

2 thoughts on “Reports on Reporting Services”

  1. Not that useful, but amusing to see stats reports
    Do remember to setup the SSIS package as SQL job (last step)
    otherwise there'll be no data nor bar charts to impress you 🙂

  2. Take a look at another set of free SSRS reports that work with SQL Server Reporting Services database. View screenshots and download the report pack from
    These reports were designed to help managing other reports, monitoring subscriptions and tracking report execution statistics.

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