Canberra SQL Group Next Week

Just had our Canberra mate Jeff Wharton confirm that he's organised a SQL user group meeting while I'm there next week. I'll be doing the session "Answering the queries your users really want to ask" which covers full-text indexes in SQL Server 2008. I find three categories of people in these sessions:

* those that have never used full-text indexing in SQL Server

* those that have old pain associated with trying to use it

* those that are using it and are interested in what's new in SQL Server 2008

Whichever category you fall into, we'll cover off why it should be part of your arsenal from SQL Server 2008 onwards. If you'll be in Canberra, we'd love to see you there. Meeting is Tuesday 10th February at Excom in the city, 6pm start (food from 5:30) and we'll be done about 7pm.

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