Finally – A Compelling Demonstration of WPF in a Business Application

Those that I've discussed WPF with over the years will know that I think that Microsoft really struggles to demonstrate *business* value for WPF. I've attended many sessions where I've been shown things like the ability to show a video in the taskbar while you flip the taskbar around the screen :-(

Congratulations to Billy Hollis for his WPF business application presentation done on Carl Franklin's DNR TV recently. If you've been wondering how WPF might add value to a business application, watch the first 24 minutes or so of this show:

One thought on “Finally – A Compelling Demonstration of WPF in a Business Application”

  1. Great find Greg! I really like their emphasis on how WPF enhances the visualization of data – some compelling business reasons to write in it. That is what is lacking with 99% of the technology writing, marketing, etc., out there. All of them (MS, you're included) focus on the cool-factor instead of how it applies to real business – facilitating making money or saving it.

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