Cosmos Down Under show 11 with guest Khelan Modi discussing vector database and search is released

It's been a big week for Down Under podcasts. I really enjoyed recording another new Cosmos Down Under podcast this morning. It's now edited and released.

Show 11 features Azure Cosmos DB product manager Khelan Modi discussing the vector database and search features of Azure Cosmos DB, and particularly how that applies to large language models (LLMs).

Khelan is a product manager on the Azure Cosmos DB team. He leads the AI and Portal (UI) initiatives for the Vector Database service, Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore.

He's also responsible for the go to market strategies and the growth of the product.

I saw Khelan talking about this recently with Mark Brown, and I thought it would be great to have him on the show.

I hope you enjoy it.

You'll find it here, along with previous episodes:

Introducing PG Down Under – Focus on PostgreSQL

Welcome to PG Down Under!

I've worked with data most of my life and I love all aspects of it, and PostgreSQL has been part of it. Whenever possible, I've attended local PostgreSQL user groups to make sure I stay across what's happening with it, even though my primary work was with SQL Server. PostgreSQL has been part of many client engagements over the years.

For some time, I've been starting to build up a series of podcasts for PostgreSQL developers and DBAs.

PG Down Under is a sister podcast for SQL Down Under, Cosmos Down Under, and Fabric Down Under.

In November 2022, as show 5 for Cosmos Down Under, I recorded an interview with Charles Feddersen about Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL, and it covered a number of things about PostgreSQL in general.

So if you've ever watched Law and Order, or Chicago PD, or shows like that, consider this a cross-over episode to kick off the new series. While we might occasionally mention Azure options for Postgres, that's not the primary focus of this series. Most shows will be targeted at PostgreSQL in general.

Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy this flashback for a first episode. It might also help to provide some positioning for those coming from a Microsoft background.

Cosmos Down Under show 10 with guest Tara Bhatia discussing elasticity features is released

I had the great pleasure to get to also record another new Cosmos Down Under podcast this morning. It's now edited and released.

Show 10 features Azure Cosmos DB product manager Tara Bhatia discussing the elasticity features of Azure Cosmos DB. Tara and her team have been helpful lately, helping me understand the burst capacity features of the product better, and I thought it'd be great to have her on the show.

I hope you enjoy it.

You'll find it here, along with previous episodes:

Cosmos Down Under show 9 with guest Hugo Barona discussing migration is released

I had the great pleasure to get to also record another new Cosmos Down Under podcast last night. It's now edited and released.

Show 9 features Microsoft MVP Hugo Barona discussing his experiences in migrating clients to Azure Cosmos DB, and the lessons he's learned along the way.

I hope you enjoy it.

You'll find it here, along with previous episodes:

Service Principal vs Service Principle -> not the same thing!

I can't tell you how many times lately, that I've seen people writing about service principles when they really mean service principals. These are entirely different concepts!

I did a certification exam the other day, and it was asking about service principles. I was left wondering how many people had reviewed that before it was released.

But what's worse, is when people bake the wrong one into code libraries that others need to use. I was reading some content from Microsoft Learn: Quickstart: Manage data with Azure Cosmos DB Spark 3 OLTP Connector for API for NoSQL and I saw this code example:

Note the authType. I just thought it was a typo and was going to make a pull request to fix it. But then I went looking at the library that it was using. That's Azure Cosmos DB OLTP Spark 3 connector, and what amazed me, is that the typo was right throughout the library.

I've passed about this back to the Cosmos DB team but it left me wondering what you should do when you see this sort of error in a library.

Do you just use the typo in your code and just forever propagate the mistake?

What should library authors do, to avoid breaking existing code? Perhaps allow both the correctly spelled option as well as the wrong one?

Service Principal

A service principal is a security identity used by applications, services, or automated processes to access specific resources or perform tasks within an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant. It's most commonly a type of service entity that can be assigned permissions to access resources in a secure manner. These are very common in Azure but they appear in many places across the IT industry.

Service Principle

A service principle really isn't something we talk about often but if we did, it would be perhaps a rule that we try to follow when providing service. Richard Koch wrote a famous book called The 80/20 Principle. That's often called The Pareto Principle. Either way, it's got nothing to do with an identity that performs actions in IT systems.



Cosmos Down Under podcast 8 with guest Blaize Stewart is now published!

I recently noticed a blog post from Jay Gordon that was calling out interesting content from Blaize Stewart on antipatterns for development with Azure Cosmos DB.

I thought this would be a perfect topic for one of our Cosmos Down Under podcasts and Blaize agreed to take part.

So much content talks about what to do with a product, and even though everyone knows there are things you shouldn't do, very little content talks about these antipatterns. It was great to speak to Blaize about it, and to get his updated thoughts.

You'll find this (and all) shows here:

Cosmos Down Under podcast 7 with guest Rodrigo Souza is now published!

I was able to record another new Cosmos Down Under podcast today. My guest was Microsoft Senior Program Manager Rodrigo Souza.

In the show, we discussed the Change Data Capture feed for the Analytical store in Azure Cosmos DB. This is a powerful new capability and worth learning about.

I hope you enjoy the show.


Cosmos Down Under podcast 6 with guest Vincent-Philippe Lauzon is now published!

I published a new Cosmos Down Under podcast today.

In the podcast, I've discussed the new integration between Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Data Explorer with the program manager for the feature: Vincent-Philippe Lauzon.

It's a great new capability and worth half an hour of your time to find out about it.

I hope you enjoy it. You'll find it, along with all Cosmos Down Under podcasts at: