What does the consistency of your work say about you?

I work with many different clients and I see work that's great and I also see work that's not so great. But the work that frustrates me the most, is inconsistent work.

When we built a house a while back, there are a number of rooms that have a combination light switch like the one shown in the main image. One switch is for the light, one is for something else: most likely a fan in a bathroom, etc.

Note that the electrician who installs them doesn't label which is what I want anyway. And if they did, that would look both ugly, and wouldn't help you in the dark anyway.

What I normally see though, is that they've done it the same way in every room. I don't care if the furthest in is the light, or the closest to the door is the light. I'd prefer it was the same in every house, but in the end, either is fine.

But when only one or two is done differently to all the rest, I'm left wondering about the quality of work that the electrician did. It might seem a minor thing, but I think about how many of these he/she has installed in their career, and puzzled that they don't have a standard. Even if there's no formal standard, you'd think there'd be one in their heads.

How's the consistency of your work?


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