Happy new year 2020 and goals not resolutions

Wow, it's been a really big year in many ways. I had a list of goals for the year, and overall I'm pretty happy with where it's ended up. One area that remains a challenge for me is personal health. But there are things I have in place that make me confident that one will be addressed better in 2020.

I liked the way that a few of my friends this year posted that they aren't making New Year resolutions, they're just stating goals for the next year. That's a great way to look at things.

If you make resolutions, you might start all enthusiastically but when life intervenes (as it invariably does), you can feel like you've failed.

By comparison, if you have goals, you are always just working towards them until you reach them. And your progress might not go in a straight line. You might have setbacks, but you can just keep redirecting yourself towards your goals. (I've heard it described as being like a plane heading to a destination. They're rarely pointing directly at the destination).

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Thanks for being here. I hope this finds you and your families well.


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