SDU Tools: Using T-SQL to find operating system versions, locales, SKUs, and configuration

When I'm writing utility scripts for SQL Server, I often need to make decisions or report on, details of the operating system that I'm running on. Unfortunately, SQL Server doesn't have views that return this sort of information.

In our free SDU Tools for developers and DBAs, we added a series of views to help.

OperatingSystemConfiguration has details of OperatingSystemRelease, OperatingSystemName, ServicePackLevel, OperatingSystemSKU, OperatingSystemSKUName, and LanguageName.

OperatingSystemVersions has details of OS_Family, OS_Version, and OS_Name.

Ever wondered what locale 1033 means? OperatingSystemLocales has details of OS_Family, LocaleID, and LanguageName.

OperatingSystemSKUs has details of OS_Family, SKU, and SKU_Name.

We periodically check the list of these within Windows and keep it up to date.

You can see two of the views in the image above and also see the views in this video:

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