Bring your reports and analytics to life. Learn SQL Server spatial now.

I love working with SQL Server spatial. Don't just use boring tables and charts. Spatial data can really help to bring your reports and analytics to life.  Don't assume spatial is just about maps. (It's not). Don't assume you don't have spatial data. (I'm sure you have addresses, locations, etc.)

We've been working hard lately on getting many of our popular in-person courses, converted to being available online and on-demand. We're really proud to now have SQL Server Spatial for Developers and DBAs available.

We wanted to give you an experience that's as close as possible to a classroom course, but right in your own location, and at a time that suits you.

It's a detailed course. It's not just a set of videos. There are hands-on labs that you can do (we supply the data), quizzes that you can complete, and once you're even more awesome, you can get a certificate of completion.

It's $195 USD but best of all, use the coupon GOSPATIAL at the checkout, and you can enrol for $95 USD. (Until the end of January) Just click on the enrol button (says $195), and then click Add Coupon on the next page.

Check it out here:

And check out all our courses here:

More courses are on the way very soon.

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