Shortcut: Change the Status Bar in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

The status bar at the bottom of a query window in SQL Server Management Studio contains a wealth of information in its default configuration.

The bottom left shows the connection state:

I'll talk about connection management more in a later post. The bottom right also shows quite a bit:

In this case, it's showing me that I'm connected to a server called SDUPROD; it's running v14 of SQL Server (ie: SQL Server 2017); I'm logged on as GREGP50\Greg; my spid (or session ID) is 68; and I'm connected to the master database.

If I had a query running, the time would be counting up, and if a query had completed, it would show me the number of rows.

While this is useful, it's also configurable. The options are in Tools > Options> Text Editor > Editor Tab and Status Bar:

You can choose whether the displayed time is the elapsed time or the end time. In an earlier post, I mentioned that you can also see the end time in the Properties pane.

You can choose to remove the display of the database, login, row count, and/or server name. You can set the color used for group and/or single server connections and choose where the status bar is located. The only extra option at present is that you can move it to the top.

Some of these become more important when using multi-server queries. I'll talk about them soon.

4 thoughts on “Shortcut: Change the Status Bar in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)”

  1. This is great information. Thank you. How do I adjust the columns of the status bar? There is a lot of room to tell me the query is executing, but when it comes to the connection string or server information, I can't see it. The time, and row columns are just the right size, but I need to see the server information on the status bar. (I know the window has it… I need SSMS to show it.)

    1. At present, you can only include/exclude as per those options. Yes, I wish it was more flexible in that part of the configuration.

  2. The above instruction is spot on and help me a lot to get the information back which suddenly I lost from to missing my status bar. Million thanks

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