Data Tales #10: A Matter of Existence

Hi Folks,

I’ve been continuing with my Data Tales series up at

This time I’ve written about a pet hate: seeing code that counts rows when all it needs to do is to check for existence. However, all is not as bad as it seems because the optimizer does a pretty good job of protecting us from ourselves. (At least the SQL Server optimizer does Smile)

It’s here:

Enjoy !

Database on a diet–final section (part 4)

Hi Folks,

I’ve been writing articles for SQL Server Magazine as part of my Data Tales series.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been writing a min-series about a database on a diet.

Earlier parts described the need for size reduction, how ROW and PAGE compression come into play, how to choose between them, etc.

Part 4 (the final part) is now online here:

It covers GZIP compression of large string fields, PDF size reduction in BLOBS, and more.

Enjoy !

SQL Server index updates vs PostgreSQL index updates

The link below is to quite a fascinating article that on the surface is about why Uber moved to MySQL from PostgreSQL.

What it really is about is a severe limitation in how PostgreSQL indexes are updated.

With SQL Server, if you update a few columns in a row, only the indexes that have that column are updated. In PostgreSQL, all indexes still need to be updated. I understand why they've done that but it's not a good outcome.

SQL Server shines in this regard.