Happy Birthday Power BI from all of us

It’s hard to believe that it’s only a year, given how far Power BI has come.

Many of us in the community got together under the lead of Paul Turley and Adam Saxton and created a short video for Power BI’s birthday.

Looks good:




So to James Phillips, and all the Power BI team, happy birthday from Down Under, Power BI !


(Good to see some locals in there too Smile)

SQL Server 2016 Polybase Services stuck in Change Pending state

I’ve been using the Polybase services in SQL Server 2016 all throughout the pre-release period without any issue.

When I tried using them in the GA (Generally Availability) release, I could never get the two Polybase services to start. They were always stuck in a “Change Pending” state. Trying to start them in SQL Server Configuration Manager basically made SSCM look like it was hung.

Trying to use the Polybase services to create an external data source returned:

TCP Provider: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.


Fellow MVP John Paul Cook came to the rescue today. He previously had an issue with TCP Chimney support and noted that it looked similar.

True enough, the problem was that TCP wasn’t an enabled protocol on my SQL Server install on my machine. Enabling TCP and restarting made all good.

Thanks John !